Road Trip!

To all you people that suggested more personal life posts, well, here you go! I went on a road trip to my grandparent’s house with my mom this last weekend, so I thought I’d do a completely unorganized post about it. 😀 For those of you that don’t know, (which is basically all of you) I live in Oregon and my grandparents live in Washington, (Seattle area) so it wasn’t like we were driving through a bunch of states to get there.

The main reason we drove up there was because my grandma recently got open heart surgery, so we went there to help her out. We apparently didn’t need to be there, because she was doing fine. (Not that it wasn’t nice to be there anyways) Since I know that I’m going to get comments about this, her recovery is going good, and she’s doing quite well.

I’ll start off this post by showing you guys a few pictures I took on the way there. Very surprisingly, it was a really nice, warm day. No rain. (trust me, that’s saying something) 😉


This is one of the bridges that connects Washington with Oregon.

This is right before we got to the bridge.

So, really cool fact, we’ve crossed this bridge more times than I can count, and on the land before you cross over the river is a tree with a bald eagles nest. Can you see it? Okay I’ll get a little closer.

Now you can probably see it. But just for fun, I took an even closer picture.

So cool, right?! The eagle is normally perched up proudly on the tree next to it, but of course the one day I bring a camera and we have nice weather, it’s not there. 😥



Just pics of the road. 😉

I think this picture turned out okay, even though the trees are blurry.

We went shopping at Target with my grandma the day after we got there. I. Had. To. Buy. A. Coat. I forgot to bring a coat!! When was the last time you heard of someone from Oregon forget their coat? Probably never!

Anyways, a while after we got back to her apartment, Nick, Kailynn and her friend Kara paid a surprise visit to my grandma. They stopped by because it was on their way to Kailynn’s sisters house. (My mom and I already knew that they were coming) They stayed with us for a few hours before heading out, so while my grandma was resting, we went out for a walk on a familiar trail.

The trail is familiar because we used to live with our grandparents and walk the trail all the time. But because we’ve lived in Oregon, we haven’t walked on it in years. It was like walking down memory lane!

All pictures are courtesy of my mom and Nick. Please ignore my sweater’s string. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it during the walk, and now the pictures are driving me crazy! O_o

Of course Nick has to get a picture really close to my face. And instead of zooming in to take a picture, he takes a picture 10 inches from my face. (Siblings, am I right? 😉 )

Just to let you guys know, sweatshirts and slacks aren’t normally my style.






A duck couple.

DSC_0557[1]This is the rock. The rock we used to always sit down on when we were younger. (“We” meaning Nick and I, plus all my other siblings)




Funny story. That big stick that Nick’s holding stretched out about 10 feet in front of him, then bent down like a fishing pole at the other end. He ran with it like a javelin, put it in front of my face, and it freaked me out!

DSC_0562[1]My mom got a picture right before it scared me.

DSC_0563[1]This is after we realized what it was.


DSC_0566[1]Notice that our arms and legs happen to be in the exact same position in this picture.

DSC_0567[1]Kailynn and Kara were skipping, dancing, and singing. XD


Nick and his stick.

IMG_0542[1]After we walked on the trail we went to a park with a merry-go-round and a seesaw! It’s really hard to find them in Oregon.


The way home was very wet.


DSC_0583[1]Aren’t pictures of signs exciting?

DSC_0591[1]Guess who was in it’s tree? The eagle! Since it was wet and cloudy, this was the best picture I got. :-/

Trees, trees, and more trees.

This is what you see when you get off the bridge.

Last picture of the post. We were going to take a selfie on the way there but forgot, so we took one on the way back.

Well, there’s a small glimpse into my life! Tell me if you like these kind of posts in the comments!